Why Should You Have Your Own Website?

Getting Started Apr 17, 2022

Is it that important to have your own website? Or is it worth writing and sharing your journey online on the Internet?

In my first blog post, I wanted to share what made me buy a domain and setup my own personal blog/website, the reason is that I wanted to have a personal brand of my own on the internet, to build an audience, and add value to their lives with my content and also it helps me document my journey, and if I started to post and learn in public this will keep me more focused, disciplined and motivated.

The back story:

During the end of 2020, after watching hundred's of youtube videos on productivity, online writing, and content-creation I was subconsciously thinking to have my own personal brand, website, and channel/podcast but I soon archived those thoughts and in the mid-2021, I joined a 7-day training by one of my university seniors who was looking for interns for his startup; during those 7-days I and my other friends got to meet his co-founder Alankrita Lakshmi, she shared her journey and motivated us to start creating content on any platform of our choice. She also told me to stop thinking and take action. (i.e buy the domain and set up my website)

By that time I already thought of my brand name as "thefarazxr" which is the same across all the platforms.

It took me over around a month to set up the blog, theme, and customizations.
And the only thing left is to create content but I was soon busy with my university exams, later procrastinated for around 6 months, and now here I'm finally writing my first post.

Start now, don't overthink & don't waste time!
P.S : It's never too late.

Should you start your own website ?

Now, this depends on person to person, if you are someone who is passionate to write and share some information in a very compelling and simplistic way then you won't find it difficult but the hard part of writing content is that you need to be more patient for your brand to grow, it also depends on the niche (category) you have chosen.

What I would suggest is to build an organic audience on any one/two social media platforms and lead them to your website for deeper, valuable content.

Most of the influencers tend to follow the above strategy to stay in contact with their core audience, the reason is they don't really own their channel/page it's the platform/company that owns all these and hence the influencers try to build a separate website/newsletter to sign-up their audience coz. that's the only guaranteed way to not lose your audience.


  • Initially start small and leverage suitable social media platforms and then set up your website.
  • Also, you can directly start writing online on your website + share it with your friends and audience on Social Media Platforms.
  • Treat your website and brand like an Asset and build value around it.


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