How to choose a technology and learn in 2022?

Code Apr 17, 2022

Are you confused to choose which technology to learn? How do you start to learn a new technology/skill? Do you find it difficult to stay consistent while learning?

8 Steps to follow:

  1. Research and list out different technologies.
  2. Select one technology
  3. Motivate your friends to learn or find people learning similar tech.
  4. Start learning by using free online resources.
  5. Decide to continue or leave!
  6. Later get a paid course.
  7. Learn by building Projects.
  8. Share what you are learning. (Learning in public)

1. Research and list out different technologies:-

With so many technologies being used, you need to narrow down your list to a fewer technologies.
This mainly depends on what type of technology you are interested, try to understand the impact of that technology so that you become more clear, passionate to learn and build things that impact people's life in a positive way.

For e.g: In my case I have a vision for Immersive technology (AR/VR), and Blockchain so I figured out that I need to be good at one Programming Language, learn Web/App Development and then finally learn the core tech like:Blockchain and be able to implement a fully working project.

My suggestion is to look at projects, products that use the technology you wanna learn as this will help you better understand the impact of the final product and helps you decide whether you are passionate to work on such technology.

2. Select one technology:-

Now as you are ready with the list of technologies you wanna work on, you can rank your priority to learn a technology based on different factors like:

  • Is the technology well adapted, with active community support ?
  • Can it do everything needed i.e extendible/customizable ?
  • Does it have good documentation, and tech support?
  • Is it in demand?
  • Can the technology handle current market needs?
  • Are there enough opportunities for that technology in the industry?
  • How impactful and visionary is the technology?

By researching on such questions, you can narrow down your list and be able to select a single technology.

3. Motivate your friends to learn or find people learning similar tech:-

This is one of the key and important steps to follow because when you learn along with people in a community you tend to get more exposure to different aspects of a technology, your communication skills will improve, you can build projects in teams and also earn through freelance projects.

Another main thing is that you tend to be more consistent as you have a group of people who constantly motivate, help and keep you engaged without getting distracted.
As a fresher/junior developer, employers expect you to be good at working in teams.

Where can you find such friends, community:

  • If you are in college, then you can easily meet such people in coding clubs, hackathons.
  • You can even meet people at local tech conferences, meetups.
  • Online forums, communities, sub-reddits are also great place to build network.
  • Just explore, share your journey and network with people working on similar tech across different social-media platforms.
  • Working on Open-Source projects will help you a lot in finding a supportive community.

4. Start learning by using free online resources:-

You don't need to get an expensive course or masterclass just for learning the basics, instead you can learn everything on the internet itself for FREE. All you have to do is to google, refer to different resources, and watch multiple tutorials.

You can pretty much learn anything by just watching youtube videos but the only disadvantage is that most of the videos aren't in a well organized manner i.e topic based.

5.Decide to continue or leave!

After getting your hands dirty, one could easily understand whether they are interested to continue to learn that skill/technology.

As said in the below image, you will only be able to master a skill, if you were able to work on it even during the days you dont feel like working.

6. Later get a paid course:

Now as you decide to move ahead learning a technology, you need a proper mentor and a structured course which will help you in understanding the concepts of that technology.

The main reasons that I support paid courses are:

  • They are well structured and planned carefully.
  • You tend to have better support, help from the instructors.
  • Will help you build good connection with other members in the community and can help you by providing better opportunities.
  • Courses tend to be more credible, and authentic which can boost your profile while applying for jobs.
  • Makes the learner more serious, disciplined to complete the course.
    (It's common that humans FREE things for granted and dont value them.)

7. Learn by building Projects:

If there is one thing that I want you to remember from this post then this is it!

You will never learn to code, any technology/skill by just binge-watching videos, you have to get your hands dirty and start working on that language/framework immediately along with that tutorial you are watching.

After building that project as shown in the blog/tutorial you followed, the next thing is to modify that project by adding some new feature and change the UI so that you feel more confident for integrating Β something new in a pre-exisitng project.
This one advice will help you as a developer in your entire career.

Finally don't forget to deploy the project that you built so that you could showcase it to your friends, people on the internet and this will even help you get new career opportunities and if the users like your project then you can even generate passive income and build a business out of it. Β 

8. Share what you are learning.
(Learning in public)

Now this is also another point that every developer, professional must follow is to share the projects, good work that they are doing so that it makes you more credible, authentic in the industry.

When you compare two persons who are equally good at one skill but if one shares their work on the internet and the other doesn't then the person who shares their learnings in public will get more growth, and opportunities in their domain.

The best way to reivse, and master anything is to teach someone from scratch, so I recommend you all to teach others as much as you can.
When you share your learnings with others, it hones your skills in a greater way.

The reason behind this is very simple:
To teach someone, you need to have in-depth understanding and clear idea of that topic.

You can share your learnings in form of a blog, video, online-course, twitter thread, contribute to forums, study groups etc.


You will need to recommend, choose or use new technologies in your career and everyone might need to do this to pivot and adapt for newer, better technologies.
Just try to recall this post and summarise it in your notes/notion page so that you could refer it when you feel lost/

Also don't forget to comment on this post and share it with all those people who might find it helpful! πŸ˜… 😊


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