What is that one skill that you have mastered?

Apr 17, 2022

I just wanted to know more about my audience, and friends and so through this blog post I would love to hear about that one skill that you have mastered.

Because it's 2022 and if you haven't yet figured it out or if you aren't exploring different skills, and fields then you are definitely on the wrong path. So, just go there on the internet and select a skill and try to learn it consistently, I don't encourage you to learn all in a day.

Just try to progress a little bit every day, join online Reddit, and Discord communities and share your experience, and journey this will help you build your brand and will also help you grab many opportunities.

Remember it's all about CONSISTENCY vs INTENSITY.
Showing up consistently no matter what is the only thing that'll take you forward in your life.
I might be talking about all these things but it doesn't mean that I'm a highly consistent person I try to share my experiences online through my blog and this will help me connect with many of you facing similar issues and also makes me more social.

No matter when you are reading this blog post i.e you could be in your 20s, or 30s but just remember to keep on learning and working on that one skill which you truly enjoy.

This blog is mainly to share my experiences, document my thoughts, to connect with different people and be accountable to myself.

When you tell/announce something in public you get a feeling of accountability, and responsibility to stick to your words and also helps you connect with people of different thought-process which can be very helpful in learning and understanding the world.

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